March, 14

Recommendation letters

Entrepreneurship and innovations development center annually provides 15 recommendation letters for students. Center could give or decline providing recommendation letter by its own discretion and without explaining the reasons.

Purpose of recommendation letters, to vouch for skills, achievements and abilities of the recommended people. In recommendation letter are described the skills and qualifications connected with work or education of the person. In the letter considered qualities and abilities, which are making appropriate candidates to the concrete position or program.

We will vouch for you, if :

  • EIDC familiar with your work and positively estimates your results or progress
  • We have time to write letter, which will really impress company, university or program.

Entrepreneurship and innovations development center maintains a register of given recommendation letters.

Document № Date of the document Issued to Issued by For whom
0111-11/025-1489 12.03.2018 Almas Toleubayev Daniyar Beksultan  Erasmus+ Program
0111-11/025-1485 12.03.2018 Saltanat Askharova Daniyar Beksultan  Erasmus+ Program
0111-11/025-1484 12.03.2018 Tahmina Abdulmazieva Daniyar Beksultan  Erasmus+ Program
0111-11/025-1482 12.03.2018 Almas Toleubayev Ksenia Yuzhaninova  Erasmus+ Program
0111-11/025-1509 13.03.2018 Ayazhan Kenes Ksenia Yuzhaninova  Erasmus+ Program