About us

Almaty Management University Entrepreneurship and innovations development center - is the department which develops entrepreneurship and innovations between students, and which contributes to the development of entrepreneurship qualification in Kazakhstan.

Mission of Entrepreneurship and innovations development center – to train new generation of social responsible entrepreneurs and to create ecosystem to the dynamically developing students environment, by implementing innovational knowledge to the learning process of students in special Minor: Entrepreneurship program.

Aim of the Entrepreneurship and innovations development center – develop entrepreneurial activity of students in AlmaU and  whole Kazakhstan, by transforming regional universities and colleges.

Main directions of activity

  • Popularization and development of entrepreneurial education
  • Transformation of regional universities
  • Liaise with Entrepreneurial  Universities
  • International internships to experience exchange
  • Informational programs
  • It is planning to create large-scale informational portal in the framework of program “Ecosystem of students entrepreneurship”, to extend contacts, to liaise communication and to the information exchange.

Events of the Center in 2015-2017

  • Project “Ecosystem of students entrepreneurship” with ERG (Eurasian group)
  • Forums and sessions about youth entrepreneurship
  • Internships of MIT students by the support of governance of Almaty city and Almaty Management University
  • Youth campaigns and activities
  • Participation in the international project Mentoring for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Organizing Start Up Tour Skolkovo 2015 and Road Show Skolkovo 2016
  • Implementing special educational program Minor: Entrepreneurship since 2017
  • Organization internship to the 3rd course students in Kusto Group jointly with Erkin Tatishev,2016
  • Publications on the topic of “Problems of social entrepreneurship in Almaty” on the base of the research of graduate student of Columbia University.\
  • Trainings
  • Practical works